AYM 60 They are watching you
Versi Version 1
Though the world has forsaken God
Treads a different path, lives a different way
I walk the road that my savior trod,
And all may know I live under Jesus' way
They are watching you, marking all you do,
Hearing the things that you say
Let them see the savior as he shines in you
Let his power control you everyday
Men will look at the life I lead
See the side I take, and the things I love
Then judge my lord by my every deed-
Lord, set my affections on things above
When assailed in temptation's hour,
By besetting sins, by the fear of man,
Then I can know Jesus' mighty power;
And become like him in his perfect plan.
Here on earth people walk in night
With no lamp to guide, they are dead in sin
I know the lord who can give them light,
I live, yet not I, but Christ within.