KPRI 16 God Is Our Refuge And Our Strength
Psalm 46, Scottish Psallter, 1650
Samuel A. Ward
1=Bes 4/4
Versi Version 1
God is our refuge and our strength,
our ever present aid.
And therefore, though the earth be moved,
we will not be afraid;
though hills into the seas be cast,
though foaming waters roar,
though all the mighty billows shake
the mountains on the shore.
A river flows whose streams make glad
the city of our God,
the holy place wherein the Lord
Most High has His abode.
Since God is in the midst of her,
unmoved her walls shall stand;
for God will hasten to her aid,
when trouble is at hand.
The nations rage, the kingdoms move,
but when His voice is heard
earth melts with trembling fear before
the thunder of His word.
The Lord of Hosts is on our side
our safety to secure;
the God of Jacob is for us
a refuge strong and sure.
O come and see that wondrous works
the hand of God has done
come, see what desolation great
he brings beneath the sun.
In every corner of the earth
he causes wars to cease;
the weapon of the strong destroyed
He makes abiding peace.
Be still and know that I am God,
the Lord whom all must claim
and every nation of the earth
shall magnify my name.
The Lord of hosts is on our side,
our safety to secure;
the God of Jacob is for us
a refuge strong and sure.

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