KRI 318 When The Weary Seeking Rest
Horatius Bonar
William H. Callcott/ F. Mendelssohn
1=As 4/4
Versi Version 1
When the weary seeking rest, to Thy goodness flee;
When the heavy laden cast, All their load on Thee;
When the troubled seeking peace, On Thy name shall call;
When the sinner, seeking life, At Thy feet shall fall;
Hear then in love, O Lord, the cry,
in heav'n, Thy dwelling place on high.
When the stranger asks a home, All his toils to end;
When the hungry craveth food, And the poor a friend;
When the widows weep to Thee; Sad and lone and low;
When the orphan brings to Thee all His orphan woe;
When the worldling sick at heart; Lifts his soul above;
When the prodigal looks back to his Father's love;
When the proudman in his pride, stops to seek Thy face;
When the burdened brings His guilt to Thy throne of grace;