KRI 319 Declare His Glory
E. Margareth Clarkson
1=G 4/4
Versi Version 1
Our God is mighty, worthy of all praising;
Sing unto Him a glad triumphant song,
He is the Lord, supreme in earth and heaven,
To Him all strength and majesty be long.
Declare His glory among the nations,
through all creation His triumph sing;
Till all earth's people bow in adoration
and Jesus Christ be everlasting King.
Our God is gracious, infinite in mercy.
He bridged the hopeless gulf our sin has made,
He gave His Son to purchase our salvation,
In Jesus Christ we meet God unafraid.
Our God is faithful, He will work within us,
Fulfilling all the purpose He has planned,
Cleansing our hearts and filling with His spirit,
To make us strong to keep His last command.
Our God is sovereign over all creation,
And soon His earth shall hear His mighty voice,
With shouts of joy the King shall come in splendor,
Lift up our hearts, confess Him and rejoice!

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